An Exposition on The Revelation of Jesus Christ


When multitudes of different interpretations on The Revelation heap up into a mountain of daunting diversities, one may wonder what is actually true; And if there is a true meaning excluding all other contradicting opinions, how can the true interpretation actually be discerned from so much diversity?

Well, God had never left His faithful ones to their own devices and so is true with The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Unbeknownst to most people today, The Revelation displays the same symbols and figurative expressions given to the prophets of old. Each particular symbol & metaphor carried a definite & consistent meaning, which was well known by the people of God. Such cross references are the keys to discerning what the Spirit of prophesy actually intended.

Unfortunately, such vital reference points have been almost entirely lost & forgotten by the 20th century. In this exposition, we will not only point out those key connections in discerning prophesy language, but also observe the historical events which correspond to the prophesies of The Revelation; This prophetic history also tells the story of how such sensible and biblical principles of interpretation had been abandoned for novel ideas which led to the overwhelming diversities that have now demoralized more than encouraged. Yet realizing what the Spirit of prophesy actually intended may be the most encouraging reinforcement of faith anyone could have.





Bible Study

Intro to The Revelation | Remembering the Art & Science of Interpreting Prophesy Language and Prophetic History




The Seven Seals of St John’s Revelation





 The Seven Trumpets of St John’s Revelation





 The Two Witnesses of St John’s Revelation





The Woman Flying into the Wilderness of Revelation 12





The Two Beasts of Revelation 13







The Wrath of God upon the Beast of Babylon | Revelation 14





The Seven Vials | Revelation 15-16





The Great Mother of Harlots | Revelation 17-18








The Wedding Feast and Millennial Reign of Christ (still in the works)


Written by Scott Yonker

Works of Faith and the Work of Atonement

The Great Mother of Harlots | Revelation 17-18