How To Enlarge Font Size for WordPress Websites – This Is So Easy!

There are a number of ways how to enlarge font size for WordPress, but most of the HTML codes are rather complicated or just too fidgety; And while there are word processor types of plugins that make it easy to change font size in the visual mode, those are not quite compatible with search engines and can mess up your optimization. However, there is a trick that I will show you in this video that is very easy and effective.

Most standard default font size is a bit on the small side, which can inhibit the readability of your content, thus presenting yet another element that militates against your efforts to capture the attention of your audience. Enlarging the font size is one of the things that can  accommodate a better experience for your visitors and incline them to return.

Now I do know this works great for WordPress, but not sure if it works for other types of sites, so whoever doesn’t have a WordPress site, try this to see if it works and let me know what happens- I’d be interested to know…

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Font Size and Color – WordPress

Written by Scott Yonker

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Louise Edington
9 years ago

That’s so easy! Thank you so much! I love the idea of making my text bigger! Love simple tips.
Louise Edington
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Susan Berland
9 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been wondering how to do that for the longest time. And it’s so simple, if you just know how.. I’m going to go try it out. I only have to remember the code!
Susan Berland

Penny Bergstrom
9 years ago

That’s easy, thanks Scott! I always ask my web guy every little question, but this one I now know, thanks to you. 🙂

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