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7 Leadership Traits To Remember

There is a scarcity of leadership in our world. The idea that “There are too many Chiefs and not enough Indians”  is a myth. Just ask any leader of a growing business or ministry and they’ll tell you one of their biggest problems is not having enough people with leadership traits.

Wherever there’s a need, there is always an opportunity, so anyone who is stepping into their leadership is opening new doors and increasing their value by leaps and bounds!  Leadership traits can absolutely be developed for anyone who is just willing to apply themselves. Here are 7 leadership traits:

1. VISION Having perception and foresight to imagine what can be done; To define and clarify a mission and setting goals to get there.

2. PASSION Having a fire in your heart to incite enthusiasm in others by sparking a fire in their heart. This is what drives the vision.

3. INITIATIVE To take charge and make it happen; To be the first to make a move and demonstrate what can be done.

4. EMPOWERMENT To encourage & equip; To train &  motivate and inspire for the purpose at hand.

5. SERVING Caring & connected, tuned-in & attentive, listening & understanding and asks the right questions

6. COMPETENT Having the means to assist and provide answers and solutions; An expert who knows what they’re doing.

7. COURAGEOUS Having the boldness to proceed ahead despite the danger and fear and ramifications

Take charge of your life and be a leader!

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Written by Scott Yonker

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Greg De Tisi
9 years ago

Awesome Scott! Very valuable advice for anyone who is serious enough to want to conquer themselves and lead!:)
Very powerful.

Owoleye Oluwakayode
Owoleye Oluwakayode
9 years ago

Scott, u are doing wonderfully well. To be candid, you are touching many life across the globe with your inspirational words and books. Just want you to touch my life more. Keep it up.

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